Super Sunday

Just as it was getting dark outside we took this shot at Doolan’s in Spring Lake

This preview is from Jenna and Danny’s wedding just 2 days ago this past Sunday at Doolan’s Shore Club in Spring Lake New Jersey.

All of the days events took place at Doolan’s except for the time we spent taking photos at the Lake in Spring lake and then at the Beach. The party was DJ’ed by Stephen at No Limit Entertainment.

Once again I was lucky with the weather. Originally both Saturday and Sunday had rain in the forecast but as the weekend rolled around the rain pretty much stayed away.

There was also a sub-plot to the wedding. Jenna is a Jets fan, while Danny a 49ers fan. Both teams were playing each other as they got married. They incorporated that into their wedding day. Sadly for Jenna the Jets lost 34-0, but I’m sure if Danny had any say he would have taken a loss for his new Bride…right Danny!?

When I met Danny and Jenna back in the Spring, Danny had just broken his ankle and it even required surgery. At the time it was a concern even for the wedding. But I was thrilled to see that Danny made an incredible recovery and was in tip top shape!

I was also touched by hearing from many guests that Jenna and Danny knew right away they wanted me to photograph their wedding once they met me. Thanks so much and hope you enjoy the preview!

by NJ Wedding Photographer Louis Schroder

Jenna moments after putting her dress on at Doolan’s / Danny jumps into photo while waiting for Jenna to arrive at Spring Lake

At the beach in Spring Lake

Another moment at the beach in Spring Lake

Danny about to see Jenna in her dress for the first time / During the ceremony at Doolan’s in Spring Lake

Wedding Photography by NJ Wedding Photographer Louis Schroder

The Moon rises at Doolan’s

The Wedding party at Spring Lake

Walking off the Boardwalk in Spring Lake

A Jets jersey for Jenna (#30) and a Niners jersey for Danny (#09 as in Sept. 30th). They wore them at intro’s.

Danny and Jenna at Doolan’s late in the evening