Timeless Wedding Photos is my goal

One of my preoccupations as a photographer is to as best I can not be guilty of dating a photo by the way I shoot and edit an image with trends, gimmicks that will Date a photo very quickly. For example a current trend is “light and airy” or as some photographers would say way over exposed. While light and airy may be a hit on instagram or tik tok today soon it will look dated if it already doesnt. So when i shoot and edit I try to keep things ….and i hate this word… timeless. I dont want the editing to say “oh thats definitely a photo from 2010″. If the content (dress, hair, suit etc) does, thats ok, thats part of the image, but i don’t think the editing should date a photo. A photo should be well exposed, clear and free of current gimmicks that will eventually make the photo look dated.  This photo was taken 18 years ago yesterday on September 4, 2005.