More Fun than Rain

The_Manor_Wedding_1Last weekend I photographed a couple of weddings the first one being for Jennifer & Michael at The Manor in West Orange.

As most of you probably know it’s been somewhat of a dry Summer in New Jersey, at least up until last week. When Friday the 20th came around the forecast was cloudy with scattered showers. Early in the Day it was decided that an outdoor ceremony would be too risky and it was moved to an indoor area at The Manor specifically for these type of situations.

Even though the weather conditions weren’t great, with a little creativity (and umbrella) we managed to capture some photographs outside after the ceremony. This way we weren’t contaned indoors the whole time and the couple get some nice photographs in the nice soft natural light that a cloudy day brings us.

Here is a small preview of the day for the couple to enjoy on their honeymoon!

Jennifer with Mom moments before the ceremony

The Rings were with Michael as he got ready in his room

Jennifer and Michael's Wedding at The Manor

Michael reacts to seeing Jennifer for the first time (Left) and Jennifer moments before the ceremony

Jennifer and Michael's Wedding at The Manor

During the indoor ceremony at The Manor and as we walked outside for a few photos

Jennifer and Michael's Wedding at The Manor

Michael, the Groom, shows how great a time they had that night

Schroder Photograhy NJ Wedding Photographer

Jennifer the Bride dancing with her Grandfather & the newlyweds just outside the Manor for a photo

Jennifer and Michael Wedding at The Manor

Another fun moment on the dance floor

In September 2010 I photographed the Wedding of the Couple in the middle, Erin and Mike. It was their recommendation that led Jennifer and Michael to me!

Besides some quick outdoor shots (left) I also photographed the couple in the Manor’s wine cellar