Wedding at Perona Farms and Barn

“Wow” is the word I said the first time I walked into the Barn at Perona Farms. They did a fantastic job in the renovation of the Barn turning it into a amazing place for a wedding. The grounds at Perona offers many options for Photography. Besides the Barn and the field around it, there’s also a Pond with a bridge across the street and other spots around the main building of Perona farms. For the ceremony there are at least that I can count 4 different outdoor areas that can be used. Not only is there the area by the Barn but also an apple orchard by the pond and two patio areas by the main building. The cocktail hour takes place in 2 different places depending on where your reception is. If the reception is in the main building (Venetian Room) then the cocktail hour is outside in a nice courtyard area. If the reception is at the Barn the downstairs area of the barn will be the location of the cocktail hour. Bottom line, there is no shortage of photo opportunities at Perona Farms!
Check out some photos that I have taken there…

This couple got married by the gazebo at Perona Farms

The Barn area is another spot used for the ceremony

The Apple Orchard area is yet another spot at Perona that is used for the ceremony

The Bridge on the Pond is a great spot for photos / The Silo by the Barn at night

Ceremony at the Apple Orchard at Perona

Having a little fun during the wedding party photos by the Pond

A ‘Golf Cart’ is available to get you to the Pond and back!

Tulips can be found throughout the venue

It’s stunning inside the Barn!

We can even take photos inside the Silo at Perona Farms.

A little later in the day a relaxed photo in the front of Perona Farms

This patio area is in the back of the main building and is yet another option for the ceremony location

The Barn has a stage where a Band or DJ can do their thing.

During the ceremony at the Apple Orchard at Perona Farms

At every turn you can find a nice photo at perona Farms

Waiting for the Bride

A great shot with the couple and the kids in the wedding party in the lobby area of Perona

The Bride before the ceremony

This Couple had their party in the Venetian room

End of the wedding at Perona Farms


About the Photographer: Louis Schroder has photographed over400 weddings in the New Jersey New York area and is also available for family portraits, events and other photographic projects. Please email or call me for inquiries.