The Crowded City

I travel around New Jersey quite often to meet up with couples that are getting married. Sometimes I go to the shore area, sometimes up North sometimes further West, really all over the map. So I decided to start taking my camera with me on these trips around the State and photograph anything I might come upon that seems interesting … kind of like a little side project.

Recently I had a meeting in Hoboken New Jersey and right after I took a walk by the Hudson River which of course has a great view to NYC. So I decided to take some photographs of the crowded skyline and then thought that it might be interesting to photograph it in a slightly different way, isolating the most famous building in the City from everything else.  In a way making it less crowded. This is the photograph. I’ll use the blog to post more photographs from these journeys as time goes by.

Empire State Building by Louis Schroder NJ Wedding Photographer


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