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Moonrise at The Columns

Posted on Oct 9, 2017 by

This past Saturday I photographed Megan and Dan’s wedding at the Columns in Avon by the Sea on the Jersey shore. The Ceremony was on the boardwalk under the Pavilion and the party at The Columns across the street from the beach. Later in the evening I ventured outside as I usually do to see if I would find any good shots around the venue. As soon as I walked outside I noticed that the Moon was rising over the Ocean. I immediately went back inside and asked the couple if they wanted to go outside real quick to do a photo with the Moon rising. They agreed and outside we went. Here is the photograph. Minutes later they were back inside dancing the night away.

Moonrise at Avon by the Sea Wedding

Moonrise at Avon by the Sea. Photograph by Louis Schroder