Doolan’s Shore Club, Spring Lake

This past summer I photographed Jennifer and Andrew’s wedding at Doolan’s Shore Club in Spring Lake. It sits at a great location, near the beach and near a Lake that has a few nice spots for photos.

The club itself has a variety of interesting spots for photos like the skylight atrium, the pool area out back, the lobby and a few other spots.

At this wedding as you can see in some of the photos we went on the beach and boardwalk. The couple contracted the Long Branch Trolley Company to take them around town so we were able to use that for some cool shots also.

Check out a few images from that day at Doolan’s and around Spring Lake. You may also notice the same shot from two angles. That’s possible because of the 2nd Photographer option in my packages.

Riding on the Trolley

Ceremony at the Atrium at Doolan’s

Jennifer & Andrew’s Ceremony at Doolan’s Shore Club

Andrew & Jennifer are Married (2nd Camera angle)

Recieving Line poolside at Doolan’s

Guests capture moments during the ceremony

On the boardwalk in Spring Lake

Andrew & Jennifer at the Lounge at Doolan’s