Heather and Chris met in College at Rutgers University in New Brunswick NJ some years back. Since then, they have graduated but Rutgers Football is still very close to their heart. So much so, that they attend every game played at the stadium and even some on the road. No doubt about it, they are real fans!

So where would be a perfect spot to do some engagement session photos? At Rutgers of course, more specifically at Rutgers Stadium of course! So they made a few phone calls and managed to get permission to get on the field and we set a date to meet there. That was a week ago.

For me it was a sort of homecoming also since back in the 90’s I attended Rutgers and worked on the school paper (The Daily Targum) as a Photographer and covered many sporting events including Football at Rutgers Stadium. At the time, it was real grass and the stadium was still in a U shape (now they have added Stands behind one endzone and the stadium is a “full circle”). I just don’t remember it being so hot on the field. I think it was easily 100 degrees on this day on the field. Then again Football games are in the Fall so I guess that’s why!

Heather and Chris will be getting married in 2012 and no, neither the ceremony or reception will be held at the Stadium, that would probably be slightly harder to get permission for!

After spending some time at the stadium we drove into the main campus at Rutgers University and did a few more photographs.

Here are a few shots from the e-session plus one I tool back in the Daily Targum days.